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Your OlyLife
Order Placement Service


Oly Processing is your full service concierge order placement service for OlyLife customers.

Our customer service agents are fully trained on the ordering, registration, invoicing, and customer service in order to provide you with a seamless solution for you, your customers, and your business to help automate your growth and optimize your time.


Using our state of the art processing service your customers and distributors can feel safe knowing their sensitive information is secure. Customers are able to pay invoices and for products directly online so they never have to give out a credit card to a stranger, will eliminate inconvenience of the bank denying their charges and the hassles of verification codes.

Direct Purchase

Our secure processing servers allow you to purchase directly on our site, send individualized customer invoices that utilizes a pre-approved professional processing company and allows customers and to place orders without any inconveniences.

Customer Service

You, your customers, and distributors will have access to a professionally trained customer service agent for all inquiries regarding your account, your order placed, shipping information, and any other information that you may require. For Customer Service inquiries, contact us at [email protected].
Please allow up to 48 hours for us to respond.


Order placement and confirmation as well as shipping can be difficult and has room for errors that can cost you not only time and money. Our team is meticulously trained to handle order processing, and customer registration as well as ensuring a positive experience in their dropshipping process. We ensure customers get their orders placed in a timely manner, and that tracking information is relayed as soon as it’s available.


Customers value security above all else. Giving credit card information out over the phone to strangers isn’t something many people are willing to do, and our service takes that risk out of your business. We never receive, nor store any customer payment information as it’s all done through our secure processing servers.